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News: Friday, April 19, 2019

Dear Joy to the World Foundation donors:

We would like to share with you some exciting news!

In an effort to provide a better support structure and administration experience for the project you are supporting, Joy To The World Foundation has decided to find an experienced Fiscal Sponsorship organization that can provide a superior support structure for our projects and donors. We have asked The New Horizons Foundation to become the Fiscal Sponsor for all of our operating projects, and they are willing to accept our projects. That means that starting May 1st all your donations will be processed through New Horizons Foundation.

The New Horizons Foundation has been in business for 30 years, and it has over 600 operating projects. New Horizons Foundation is a leader in the Fiscal Sponsorship area. The Foundation is about twice the size of Joy To The World Foundation and many of the administrative services for Joy To The World Foundation are currently being provided by New Horizons.

The New Horizons Foundation is located in the same building and the Foundations have worked very closely together over the years. Joy To The World Foundation and The New Horizons Foundation will continue to work closely together to support and promote charitable projects, but this reorganization will make us more efficient in processing donations.

The processes with New Horizons are the same. Your donor experience will not change other than noticing that receipts will be receipted by the New Horizons Foundation. If you give by check you can use the same check and coupon process as in the past. You can see the New Horizons website by going to The project that you support can be found there. If you are a recurring donor there is nothing you need to do. Joy to the World Foundation will make sure your information will be ready to go starting May 1st.

Please let us know if you need any assistance during this transition.


Project Manager 

David A. Toth, Dmin, Director of Following2Lead   

Following2lead focuses on ministry leaders in Eastern Europe.  I am involved in leadership development in the US, Eastern Europe, and Central Asia.  David partners with  and Joy To The World Foundation administrates the finances.

We are faith missionaries who are supported by our faithful partners. Thank you for giving! This ministry can only go forward as people pray and give.

Address for tax deductible ministry support

Send check to:

Joy To The World Foundation

Attn: Following2Lead

5550 Tech Center Dr Suite 305

Colorado Springs, CO 80919

Make check payable to "Joy To The World”

*** Write  ‘f’ollowing2lead"  in the memo of check.  Use  any envelope.

Giving Online

To support Following2Lead, go to this link:

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